Graz – From The Clock Tower To The Science Tower

Kunsthaus Graz

By Reinhard Mandl* Spring begins earlier in Graz than in other parts of Austria. While grey showers still sweep across the city in Vienna, people are already sitting in beer gardens in Graz. A touch of the south blows through narrow alleys in the old town, which is also reflected in the architecture. Since 2011, […]

Linz Has Changed So Beautifully!

Linz Nibuelungenbrücke, Neues Rathaus, Ars Electronica Center und Pöstlingberg

By Reinhard Mandl* “Linz changes” is the slogan used by the Upper Austrian capital to attract visitors. Like hardly any other Austrian city, Linz has undergone a profound change in recent years. Since being the Capital of Culture 2009, art and culture have set the tone in the “steel city”. Linz also surprises with a […]

Eisenstadt – Small But Great!

Eisenstadt Hauptstraße

By Reinhard Mandl* Esterházy Castle can be seen from afar on the route from Wulkaprodersdorf to Eisenstadt: It sits slightly elevated on the foothills of the Leitha Mountains overlooking Eisenstadt, the capital of Burgenland. It is amusing that the capital of the flattest state in Austria lies at the foot of a mountain! Eisenstadt describes […]

A Walk Through Enns Along The Via Lauriacum

Enns Stadtturm, Altstadt, Enns-Brücke

By Reinhard Mandl* High above the spot where the Enns flows into the Danube, the Romans built the legion camp Lauriacum at a site previously inhabited by Celts. The site’s former dimensions can now be explored on a circular trail. The Lauriacum Museum on the main square holds one of the most important collections of […]

To Innsbruck And The Spring!

Innsbruck, Inn, Mariahilfstr., Nordkette

By Reinhard Mandl* The sun has not shown itself in Vienna for days, and it is far too cold for the beginning of March. The situation in the west of Austria is quite different: There, daytime temperatures are already like in the spring, with bright blue skies. Actually, there is nothing stopping me from getting […]

To The Carnival-Afterparty In Bad Aussee

Flinserlumzug Bad Aussee

By Reinhard Mandl* On Shrove Tuesday the streets of Bad Aussee in the Styrian Salzkammergut region are taken over by the traditional Arbeiter-Trommelweiber, and the famous Ausseer Flinserl with their imaginative costumes also make their big appearance on the last of the three holy days of carnival. Reason enough to travel to the Aussee region […]