Data change and termination

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Data change & termination

Below you can upload a new SEPA mandate (collection order); a change of your SEPA mandate or a termination within a year. For a general change of data (persons, contact or photo) or for a termination at the end of the term, please fill out the digital form.

My concern
Card number of your Klimaticket Ö, starting with 73***
I would like to change the following data…

Note: To ensure faster processing, please send us the completed form for the SEPA mandate, signed and scanned as an attachment.

Note: In order to ensure faster processing, please send us an official confirmation of your name change as an attachment (e.g. marriage certificate).

Note: To ensure faster processing, please send us the good quality photo as an attachment.

It concerns the following topic regarding termination during the year
Note: In order to be able to process your cancellation request directly, please send us the completed cancellation form, signed and scanned as an attachment.

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Maximum file size: 2MB

Up to 8 files, a maximum of 8,0 MB. Valid file types: jpg, pdf, png
Note: We only accept fully completed and signed forms (incomplete or unsigned forms will not be accepted without exception, as will other documents such as copies of ID cards).

Note: Please pay attention to the following points::

  1. Current photo – your face must be easy to recognize (e.g. passport photo)
  2. Make sure there is good contrast and do not use night, backlit, or black and white photos
  3. Minimum resolution: 530px × 530px (height x width)
  4. Accepted file format: JPEG, PNG
  5. Maximum file size: 2 MB

Data privacy


Data protection is important to us – as is the rapid processing of your request.

From now on, we will only ask for your name and e-mail address so that we can address you correctly. Therefore, in the contact form only the first and last names as well as the e-mail address are required fields.

Data protection declaration, information according to article 12 et seq. GDPR